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Best Video Editor for Creators

Captivate audiences and grow a following with powerful tools to edit spectacular videos. 

Platform for Windows OS, Mac OS



PowerDirector is a powerful and intuitive video editing software designed to unleash your creativity and bring your videos to life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video editor, PowerDirector offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of professional tools and features to help you create stunning videos with ease. With its advanced editing capabilities, precise control over every aspect of your video, and a vast collection of effects and transitions, PowerDirector empowers you to produce high-quality videos that captivate your audience. From basic edits to intricate post-production work, PowerDirector is your go-to solution for transforming your raw footage into impressive cinematic creations.



Duty and Role

• Planned and discussed user flow, information architecture and function map 

  of every new feature with PM and RD according to the spec. 

• Defined user interface guidelines, visual style and work with designers to

  standardize UI style guides.

• Collaborated with RD and marketing team to design user friendly UI based

  on user experiences research.

• Collaborated with web commerce team to update App store images or

  promotion AD to achieve the best promo effect of new features.

Project Objectives

My team and I continuously review the user interface of the PowerDirector software, striving to create a better user experience based on user data. This involves redesigning the UI interface and optimizing the UX flow. Additionally, we are committed to developing advisory new UI designs for each new feature release, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.


icon figma vector.png

Latest Task

We have undertaken a redesign and reformation of the user interface (UI) for CyberLink PowerDirector, aiming to enhance the user experience. Our primary focus has been on improving and refining the user processes for utilizing tools, navigating the media library, and working with the timeline. Through careful consideration and analysis, we have implemented changes that ensure a more seamless and intuitive workflow. With the updated UI design, users will find it easier to access and utilize the various tools and features, efficiently manage their media assets in the library, and navigate the timeline with precision. These enhancements aim to elevate the overall usability and efficiency of CyberLink PowerDirector, empowering users to create exceptional videos with ease.


Optimize UI details

Optimized the design of the media library and menu layout

Redesigned the timeline and redefined the status of each track

Reviewed and refined the tool flow for improved usability

Frame 1822.png

New Color System

Group 8630.png

Design Tokens

Frame 8723.png

Keep product UI updating & optimizing launcher design 

Continuous optimization of Application launcher UI design is of utmost importance in today's competitive digital landscape. The launcher serves as the gateway to an application, providing users with their first impression and guiding them through their entire app experience. By continuously refining and improving the UI design of the launcher, developers can enhance user satisfaction, engagement, and overall app performance.

An optimized launcher UI design ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and find the desired features and content quickly. It enables efficient information organization, simplifies interactions, and reduces user friction. A well-designed launcher UI not only enhances usability but also boosts user retention and conversion rates.

The Original Launcher

After conducting a thorough examination of the launcher and comparing it with competitors, we identified a lack of user interaction in our existing feature set. In response, we have decided to optimize the launcher UI and integrate our own social media platform into it. Furthermore, we have expanded the selection of stunning demos and video tutorials to enhance the overall user experience. These enhancements have been implemented with the goal of fostering a stronger connection with our users, by offering valuable resources and ample opportunities for interaction.

The Optimized Version

  • Added social media elements and cool tutorial demo videos.

Here shows the original version >>>

  • Rearranged button allocation on launcher which integrated related buttons together and arranged it based on user flow for users easily to use.

  • We have simplified the video edit mode, streamlining the process and making it more user-friendly. This simplification allows users to effortlessly edit their videos with greater ease and efficiency.


The Latest Version

Introducing the Brand New Commercial Version

Offering an Expanded Array of Template Designs for Users.


To enable small and medium-sized shops or businesses to effortlessly create captivating marketing videos for brand promotion, products, and services, we have introduced PowerDirector 365 Business Edition. This edition includes a wide selection of ready-to-use business templates and a new template editing feature. It equips small and medium-sized business owners with comprehensive tools, catering to users of all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring ease of use throughout the editing process.



PowerDirector 365


New Launcher design

The core focus of this version lies in its extensive collection of video templates. As a result, we have restructured the layout of the launcher UI to optimize the user flow. Users can now effortlessly browse and select their preferred templates, customize the video aspect ratio, and initiate video editing with just a few simple clicks.

Additionally, we have introduced an exclusive editing mode for a specific social platform, which is specifically available in the business version. This tailored editing mode is designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses, enabling them to create impactful content for their chosen social platform.


To ensure better integration with the software interface, the upcoming version of the launcher introduces a consistent dark gray color scheme, enhancing the overall user experience. We have carefully considered user feedback to refine the launcher, focusing on a concise and user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless software entry.

Our goal is to enhance the user's journey when entering the software, making it more intuitive and straightforward.

  • Enlarged "Add New Project" button for immediate user recognition and easy project initiation. 

  • Added a "Recently Used" feature, allowing users to swiftly locate their previously edited files for enhanced efficiency.

Keep optimizing UI design for each new features release

To maintain its competitiveness and meet the ever-evolving video editing needs of users, PowerDirector continuously adds new features. The significance of UI design becomes evident in enabling users to quickly grasp the utilization of these new functions.

Simultaneously, with each update, we prioritize enhancing the user experience, ensuring the interface design is intuitive, efficient, and visually pleasing. We meticulously align the UI design of new features with the latest industry trends and user preferences. By emphasizing continuous updates and optimizations, our aim is to deliver a seamless and gratifying software experience that keeps users engaged and satisfied.


AD Designer feature

Create ads and social media posts in just a few clicks on "AD designer" feature

The AD Designer function in PowerDirector empowers users to effortlessly create captivating advertisements. With this powerful tool, users can unleash their creativity and design professional-quality ads for various platforms, including social media, websites, and more. The AD Designer provides a wide range of customizable templates, visual effects, text styles, and audio options, allowing users to personalize their ads to suit their brand and message.


Title Designer feature

Empower users with the necessary tools needed to create unique animated titles

The Title Designer feature of PowerDirector offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization and positioning of titles within the video timeline.


With flexible options to adjust font style, size, and alignment, users can quickly create titles that perfectly match the theme and style of their videos. Enhance your storytelling and add a professional touch to your videos with this intuitive tool for creating captivating titles.

Title Designer_1.jpg

Added stock image library feature

Provide users with a wider range of image libraries, enabling them to enhance their videos with richer and more distinctive visuals.

Add "Shutterstock" and "Gettyimages" library options to let users access to them to search and download materials for use when editing video templates

3.start a project.jpg

Express Video Designer feature

Offer users a flexible template design, allowing them to quickly create captivating titles and clips

Express Video Designer offers users a wide range of free template designs, enabling them to effortlessly create captivating titles and short clips. Users also have the ability to customize video templates and save them as their own, increasing the flexibility of template usage.

We have designed a simple and intuitive interface for Express Video Designer, following the same UI flow as the original PowerDirector. The interface incorporates both horizontal and vertical operation modes, with the left side dedicated to template selection and the right side serving as the preview area and editing tools. Users can easily personalize their videos by adding text, images, transitions, and effects.

This feature provides users with a convenient and efficient solution for creating professional-looking videos, making it an indispensable tool for content creators and video enthusiasts.


The video output interface serves as the final stage of video production. Ensuring that users can quickly and easily understand each supported specification and related settings is paramount in this UI design.

To achieve this, we have adopted the UI flow logic of the original PowerDirector main interface and implemented a block-style UI design. On the left side, users can find detailed setting options organized in tabs, facilitating easy navigation and selection. On the right side, users can preview their videos and access relevant video details.

Furthermore, we continuously gather and incorporate user feedback to make necessary interface adjustments, ensuring an improved user experience.

Produce video setting feature

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