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Immerse Yourself in a High-Quality 3D Experience
ATEN CS 1782/ CS 1784 product page

ATEN CS1782/CS1784 is a high-performance desktop KVM switch designed for sharing a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse among multiple computers. It offers excellent video and audio transmission capabilities, allowing seamless switching and control between computers. Among them, CS1784 supports nVidia 3D Vision-ready 120Hz 3D display and gaming keyboards, enabling a 3D environment with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 when combined with a 120Hz LCD screen and 3D glasses.

The web visual presentation emphasizes the support for 3D Vision by showcasing users wearing 3D glasses and experiencing an immersive environment while watching 3D videos. This immersive visual experience is extended to the entire web page design to effectively capture attention.



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2011 - 2013

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