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CubiQ USB matrix KVMP Switch
ATEN CM0264 product page

The ATEN CM0264 is a high-performance desktop KVM switch designed for multimedia SOHO environments. It allows users to simultaneously switch between two HD and two DVI computers, and monitor up to four computers through a three-in-one picture-in-picture mode from the control side. It effectively saves desktop space and provides an ideal solution for multimedia applications.

In the design of the main visual, we utilize a color light trail with a sense of speed to highlight the quick PIP window switching feature. We showcase the functionality of single control and cross-screen switching by demonstrating the drag-and-drop action of the mouse from one screen to another within the picture-in-picture display, accompanied by relevant title captions. Additionally, we incorporate small dynamic effects, such as flashing within the picture-in-picture windows, to enhance user interaction.



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2009 - 2011

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