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Story & Reels Maker App



Create Insta Templates & Posts

 Google Play “Best Hidden Gem” award of 2020

Platform for iOS and android


Promeo is the ultimate Story Reels Maker! With Promeo, you can effortlessly create captivating story reels right from your smartphone. Whether you want to share your travel adventures, capture special moments, or promote your brand, Promeo provides all the tools you need to make visually stunning and professional-looking story reels.

You can personalize your story reels by adding text, stickers, filters, and transitions to make them truly unique. Promeo's user-friendly design ensures that anyone, regardless of their experience level, can create high-quality story reels in no time.

Make the most of Promeo's extensive library of templates, themes, and music to enhance your storytelling. With just a few taps, you'll be able to create dynamic and eye-catching story reels that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.



• Planned and discussed user flow, information architecture and function map of  every       

   new feature with PM and RD according to the spec. 

• Defined user interface guidelines, visual style and work with designers to standardize

  UI style guides.

• Collaborated with RD and marketing team to design user friendly UI based on

   user experiences research.

• Collaborated with web commerce team to update App store images or promotion AD to

  achieve the best promo effect of new features.


CyberLink Design Center Lead & UI/ UX Team Lead

Project Objectives

Keep reviewing user Interface and create better user experience according to user data, including redesign UI face,  UX flow and build better "in app purchase page" for ProMeo. Meanwhile, keep developing advisor new UI design for each new feature release.


icon figma vector.png

Keep product feature UI updating

In mobile app development, it's important to consider both the app page flowchart and UI design. The flowchart provides a visual representation of how different pages and features are connected and enables designers to plan a user's journey through the app. This structure is critical for ensuring that the user experience is smooth and intuitive, leading users to their intended destination through a logical sequence of steps.


When implementing UI design for new features, we must audit and update the flowchart to ensure that it reflects the changes accurately. By examining the location of each function in the flowchart, designers can verify that the user experience remains seamless and that the operation process is efficient.


Site Map of Promeo


Optimized launcher and main UI design

To enhance the user experience and improve the accessibility of templates, we consistently refine the launcher design and introduce new features. Our primary objective is to ensure a seamless user journey and experience, making it effortless for users to find the templates they need.

Moreover, we continuously evaluate user requirements and proactively adapt to their preferences by integrating popular social media platforms. This empowers our users to effortlessly create captivating and imaginative social media posts that align with the latest trends, catering to their creative needs.

5.Adjust Preference in Settings-1.jpg

The original version >>>

Review and Optimize

Find Issue: 

Upon launching the original version, we observed a significant disparity in usage between dynamic and static templates. To address this issue, we engaged in discussions and analyzed user feedback. Our findings revealed that users had to individually open each template to determine whether it was dynamic or static. This process proved to be cumbersome and time-consuming, impeding users from efficiently utilizing the app as they spent valuable time searching for their desired template type. Consequently, this could result in churn and hinder user growth.

Improvement goals:

  • Enable users to swiftly find and edit their desired template designs.

  • Enhance the clarity of the launcher page design to ensure users understand its functionality.

In response, we have optimized and adjusted the template selection process by introducing dynamic and static categories. This allows users to first choose their preferred template type and then select the specific template directory, simplifying the overall selection experience. Additionally, we have implemented color differentiation to provide users with a clear overview of the type options at a glance, facilitating faster selection. Moreover, utilizing background colors to differentiate categories ensures that the entire launcher page appears cohesive, avoiding a cluttered appearance.

Furthermore, we have experimented with displaying template thumbnails in varying scales. This approach aims to enhance users' understanding of the template's dimensions, ultimately increasing the click-through rate.


Redesign Launcher

In response to the increasing popularity of social platforms and to better address user needs, we have thoroughly reconsidered our approach to template selection. Taking into account valuable user feedback, we have undertaken a complete redesign of our new launcher. Our primary objective is to cater to the social platforms that our users engage with the most. To achieve this, we have clearly defined "Choose a Design" as the title, ensuring that users can seamlessly understand how to get started.

Furthermore, we have significantly expanded our range of promotional templates, offering users an even wider array of options. By providing recommendations for suitable templates and presenting the latest design choices, our aim is to simplify the process of finding and creating stunning posts. Additionally, by tracking user preferences through selected template data, we are able to offer personalized recommendations that align more closely with individual needs. This, in turn, leads to increased user satisfaction with Promeo app.

10.Tap Filter.jpg
16.Select ratio.jpg
17.Edit page.jpg
3.Projects-My Favorites.jpg

Switch to "Projects"

Switch to "Premium"

Switch to "Profile"

We consider that creativity is unique, and real creators want to be different. If users want to create their own templates?

We planned a new and different flow so that users can use their imagination in a blank template, design their own template, and also share it with other users at the same time.

18.Tap Add New.jpg
19.Select ratio.jpg
21.Edit new template.jpg

Tap "+" to add new tempalte

Choose the ratio you want.

Click on the edit tool for the first time, tutorial tips will appear to let users know how to use the tool.

New blank template and start Creating.


Design style for PhotoDirector Mobile

App UI design style is critical for creating a positive user experience in mobile app development. It sets the tone for the entire app and influences how users interact with it. A well-designed UI style can make an app more engaging, intuitive, and visually appealing, which can lead to increased user satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, a consistent UI design style across all screens and functions of an app can improve usability and reduce confusion for users. 

Frame 4911.png

Keep optimizing UI design for each new features release to find better user experience for Promeo App

To keep mobile app users engaged and ensure its longevity, it's important to regularly add and release new features while keeping up with trends and user needs. Each new feature has the potential to boost engagement and user retention, making it more likely for users to continue using and recommending the app. Consistency and intuitiveness in the UI design are also crucial to help users easily adopt new features without feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, a UI design that continually adds new features with each new release is vital for staying competitive in the ever-evolving world of mobile applications.


Added support for YouTube thumbnail template feature

Edit new "YouTube" template flow and optimize "export" flow

_2.Tap “YouTube Thumbnail” Format.png
_3.Display YouTube Thumbnail templates-2.jpg
_4.Tap Edit.png
6.Tap ” Export”.png

Tap “YouTube Thumbnail” Format.

Display "YouTube Thumbnail" templates and choose what you want.

15.Tap filter.png
18.Do not display YouTube Thumbnail templates_ frome search-1.jpg

Tap "search"

Tap "Filters" and select "YouTube" and category items you want.

_3.Display YouTube Thumbnail templates-3.jpg
19.Tap the template.png
7.Tap ” Save”.png
10.Tap “EXPORT SETTINGS”-more options.jpg

Tap "export" button in the upper right corner of the edit main page.

We use the PopUp Window below to integrate related export functions, including saving and sharing files to social platforms.

After the export process is complete, back to main edit page.


The design of Save & Share in PHDM was complicated.


1. Simplify Export & Share UX flow
2. Let user choose not to change the export format or share

The original save and share UI flow

Refine new flow

7.Tap “Export”_16-9.jpg
8.Tap “Export”.jpg
7.Tap ” Save”.png
10.Tap “EXPORT SETTINGS”-more options.jpg

Add a lot of different text effects to make the text stand out!

"Text Effect" feature

2.Tap Effect.jpg

Select "text" on the template and tap "T effect".

3. Highlight in  ”None” as default.jpg

Highlight in ”None” as default.

4.Tap Shadow.jpg

Tap "Shadow" effect and then

tap "adjustment icon" in the same position again.

6. Tap custimize color.jpg

 Tap custimize "color".

7. Choose color.jpg
8. Tap done and choose other color.jpg
9. Choose color.jpg
10. Display up to two colors from the color panel.jpg

Choose color you want and tap done “✔️”.

The Display Color panel will list the color you just selected. then tap red color.

Choose color you want and tap done “✔️”.

Display up to two colors from the color panel.

13. Tap adjust Border & Shadow-2.jpg

Select "Border & Shadow".

13. Tap adjust Border & Shadow.jpg

Tap "Border and Shadow" again and into adjustment settings.

14. Adjust Border & Shadow.jpg

Adjust "Border Shadow" settings.

15. Adjust Border & Shadow_Scroll up.jpg

Scroll up "Border and Shadow" adjustment settings window.

Frame 4912.png

We choose to simulate each text effect sample as thumbnails, which allows users to understand more clearly at a glance when using text descriptions.


Full color list.

Add animated stickers to your favorite templates!

Animated and static sticker feature

151.Tap “Add”.png

Click "Add" on the lower toolbar.


Tap "Sticker".

1.Select a sticker.jpg
2.Expand Sticker Panel.jpg

Switch "Static" and "Animated" categories to find your favorite sticker and add it to the template.

Expand Sticker Panel status.

156.Tap “Order”.png

Tap “Order” to adjust the up-and-down position of the sticker.


Tap “Backward”.

158.Tap “Back”.png
159.Back to main page.png

Tap "Back" and return to main page.

How to Generate Template Designs with the Best AI Style

"AI Style" feature UI

1. Tap Style.jpg

Tap "Style".

2. Default select None.jpg

Default select None.

3. Choose effect to apple.jpg

Choose effect to apply.

4. scroll to change into Scenery category.jpg

Scroll to change into Scenery category.

Full list of AI style thumbnails.

Frame 4781_b.png

How to access different music libraries to change music of the template

"Replace music" feature UI

1.Tap Music.jpg

Tap "Music".

2.Replace music.jpg

Tap"Replace" music.

3.Add Meta tab.jpg

Choose music you want to change and listen to it.

3.1 Add Meta tab.jpg

Expand music tab.

Sign in Facebook/ Meta Sound Collection process

4. Sign in Facebook.jpg
5. Sign in Facebook_iOS.jpg

Enhancing the Shopping Cart Page for Improved Sales Performance

To keep mobile app users engaged and ensure its longevity, it's important to regularly add and release new features while keeping up with trends and user needs. Each new feature has the potential to boost engagement and user retention, making it more likely for users to continue using and recommending the app. Consistency and intuitiveness in the UI design are also crucial to help users easily adopt new features without feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, a UI design that continually adds new features with each new release is vital for staying competitive in the ever-evolving world of mobile applications.

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