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Photo Editing Software Full photo workflow, correction, and editing



6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 365

Make professional photo with easy-to-use tools. The complete editing suite for creators. Get creative with fun photo effects, beautiful presets & powerful photo editing tools.

Work Items:

Collaborate with PM and R&D to planning and optimize user flow, Information architecture and function map of every new feature.​

• Define UI guideline with user-driven design.

• Collaborated with RD and marketing team to design user friendly UI based on user experiences research.

Conduct and oversee UI design for each new feature and also keep optimizing

Optimized launcher UI and design direction

For interacting more with users, we decided to optimize launcher UI and added our social media platform on it, and also added more cool demos and video tutorials, to interact more with our users.


Here shows the original version>>>


Refinement items for new version

  • Added social media element (Instagram) and demo image, users can click to see cool demo and tutorial videos. 

  • Rearranged button allocation on launcher which integrated related buttons together and arranged it based on user flow for users easily to use.


Modified version

(User for: PhotoDirector 12, 13 , 365 version)

Demo slideshow

Optimized items (the latest version)

  • Redesign launcher to optimize user flow to let users more easily to use without confusing by too much info.

  • Highlight how users can begin the first step while photo editing: adding their own photos. 

  • Provide more sample images for users to use if they don't use their own photos.

  • Use more cool effect demo samples, so that users can try it directly with their own photos, and more easily to get started.

  • Added a greeting slogan on the launcher to be more friendly.


The lasted version

(Use for: PhotoDirector 14 , 365 version)


Demonstration of using new launcher in PhotoDirect.

New feature UI design for each new version release

keep updating main UI design of PhotoDirector


Instant Select tool

Setp 1.

Open the tool panel on the right of UI can find all select tools (including instant select tool)

image 1.png

Setp 2.

Users can find panel on the left to adjust details

instant select.png

Add blackground music


Content aware removal

Setp 1.

Main UI of content aware removal tool


Setp 2.

Use “Sampling Brush Tool” to cover the area that you want to remove


Sky replacement

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