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Best Video Editor for Creators


14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 365

Fastest and most capable video editing software for any video projects.

Delivers professional-grade video editing and production for creators of all levels.

Work Items:

Planned and discussed user flow, information architecture and function map of every new feature with PM and RD according to the spec. 

• Defined UI guideline and layout design.

• Collaborated with RD and marketing team to design user friendly UI based on user experiences research.

Keep product UI updating & optimizing launcher design 

The Original Launcher

For interacting more with users, we decided to optimize launcher UI and added our social media platform on it, and also added more cool demos and video tutorials, to interact more with our users.

Here shows the original version >>>

The Optimized Version

  • Added social media elements and cool tutorial demo videos.

  • Rearranged button allocation on launcher which integrated related buttons together and arranged it based on user flow for users easily to use.

  • Simplify video edit mode.

LOGO and launcher design for Business version

  • Modified the LOGO to golden version to strengthen the professional image.

  • This version’s core elements are video templates, so we re-arranged launcher UI layout to optimize user flow. Users can easily select the template they like and then select the ratio of video and can quickly start video editing just in a few clicks.

  • Create an editing mode for a specific social platform, which is exclusive to the business version.


New feature UI design for each new version release

PowerDirector main UI


AD designer feature

Create ads and social media posts in just a few clicks on "AD designer" feature.


Title designer feature

Title Designer gives users all the tools they need to create unique animated titles.


Added image library

Add "Shutterstock" and "Gettyimages" library options to let users access to them to search and download materials for use when editing video templates


Produce video setting UI 

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