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TSMC CSR brochure design

The design of TSMC's catalog for the social responsibility report takes a different approach compared to previous corporate introductions and product catalog manuals. The main focus of this report is to highlight the company's commitment to social responsibility and its vision. It covers topics such as sustainability, social and environmental protection initiatives, which have a more humanistic perspective. To convey these ideas, we have centered the design around the concept of plant bud growth and tree rings. For the chapter pages, we use circular shapes resembling annual rings with varying sizes to present the content. The color palette is warm and predominantly green, complemented by other auxiliary colors.

This social responsibility report aims to evoke a distinct feeling that sets it apart from TSMC's wafer technology-centric approach. Our intention was to create a design that embraces a humanistic vision, resonating with the values of sustainable development and social responsibility. We hope this design will provide readers with a fresh and unique experience, showcasing TSMC's dedication to making a positive impact beyond technological advancements.




social responsibility report


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

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