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Matrix KVM Solutions
ATEN KM0932 product page

The ATEN KM0932 is a state-of-the-art Matrix KVM Switch designed specifically for modern data centers, catering to the needs of highly reliable, secure, and efficient management of multiple servers. It offers exceptional capabilities to enhance video quality, ensuring excellent resolution even at distances of up to 300 meters. Additionally, it incorporates advanced security features.

In terms of web visual presentation, our aim is to strike a balance between a professional and modern design, avoiding an overly rigid appearance commonly associated with high-end server products. To achieve this, we utilize a grid-like map with interconnected nodes to illustrate the functionality and highlight the remote control capabilities. The server room is represented by 3D red cubes with added security lock symbols, effectively emphasizing that this product is specifically designed for server room environments. By leveraging a 3D design with depth and incorporating dynamic lighting effects, an appealing visual experience is created.



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2012 - 2014

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