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CyberLink Power Player

The best full-featured video editor and video maker

Platform for iOS and android


PowerPlayer, the Companion App for PowerDVD.

Easily and quickly access your shared media from your wireless home network or files hosted on your CyberLink Cloud and playback on your iPhone or iPad. PowerPlayer enables you to binge on your favorite TV shows, movies, photos, and music from anywhere, with seamless playback when switching from one device to another. Share the fun and share your media files with friends and family, allowing them to enjoy on-demand access to movies, shows, and other media files you share with them.

Duty and Role :

• Planned and discussed user flow, information architecture and function map of every new feature with     

   PM and RD according to the spec. 

• Defined user interface guidelines, visual style and work with designers to standardize UI style guides.

• Collaborated with RD and marketing team to design user friendly UI based on user  experiences research.

• Collaborated with web commerce team to update App store images or promotion AD

   to achieve the best promo effect of new features.

Project Objectives:

Keep reviewing user Interface and create better user experience according to user data, including redesign UI face,  UX flow and build better "in app purchase page" for Cyberlink Power Player. Meanwhile, keep developing advisor new UI design for each new feature release.


Main UI / Side Menu


Cloud Movie


Cloud TV info


Movie Playback View


Cloud Music playlist


Photo View - Portrait mode


Photo View - landscape mode

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